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J.C. Design Pty Ltd has designed and manufactured the following equipment for these clients.
Kitchens of Sara Lee:   – Oven Infeed
– Special Conveyors
– Four Lane Indexing Apple Studel Topping Depositor

Steggles Foods      

– Radiant Heat Tunnel 4 M x 400 Conveyor
– Refurbish M.P.O. Unit

Sanitarium Health Food Co. 

– Rotary Brander
– Continuous Flash Fryer


– Fully Automatic Tofu Processing
Chop Block
Slice Block
Fry Slices – 8 M Continuous Fryer
Marinate Slices
Automatic Infeed to Packaging Machine
Vertical Plate Pasteuriser 10 M x 1.8 M
Carton Electric, Auto Load, Glue & Seal

Tixana Pty Ltd (Soya King) 

– Three Complete Snack Processing Lines – Extruder, 8M x 750 Conveyor Continuous Fryer, Cooling
– 4M x 1 M wide Pasteuriser for Packaged Tofu
– Metal Detectors, Material Handling Equipment
– Soy Bean Processing Equipment

International Noodlemakers 
(Changs Noodles)   

– Complete Noodle Line From Dough Mixer, 3 Sheeters,
Slitter, 6.5 M Continuous Fryer, Cooler, Flavour
– Depositor, Elevator Conveyor to Multi-Head Weigher
– Automatic Tray Filler &  Rack Stacker

Chisholm Manufacturing     - 700 Kg/ hour Nut Processing Line

Inghams Enterprises  

– Chicken Hatchery Crate Washers (2)
– Refurbish Stein Fryer

Pillsbury Australia – Pasta Sheeter/Slitter
Majans Pty Ltd – 300 Kg Snack Food Processing Line
The Original Vege Chip Co. – Expanding Pellet Frying Line
Schnits Frozen Foods – Continuous Flash Frying Line
All States Food Service                  
(Now Mrs Crocket’s Kitchens)
– 6.5 M x 800 Wide Conveyor Pasta Elbows/ Potato
Salad Water Cooking/ Cooling Unit
Bryopin Meats   – 10 Head Sausage Extruder/ Cutter, Auto Feed Container Unit

Hakka Pty Ltd  

– Fish Processing, Continuous Fryer
– Fishwashing – Filter Unit
– Horizontal Packaging Indexing Feeder

Warwick Bacon Company  – Water Cooker/Cooler
Buderim Ginger  – Flighted Elevator Conveyor
Galaxy Imports  – Elevating Conveyor
Friskies – Conveyor System
TLY – 150 Kg Snack Food Processing Line, Extruder, Fryer, Cooler, Flavour Depositing
W.A. Snacks – 150 Kg Potato Chip Frying Line
The Happy Nut Company – 400 Kg Nut Frying Line
S.A. Nuts – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Paloma – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Munch Nuts – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Gaby’s Nuts – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Northcote Foods  – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Peanut Company of Australia Qld – 300 Kg Nut Frying Line
Shelf Stable Foods

– 1 Tonne/Hr Diced Meat Water Cooker/Cooler
– 150 Kg Continuous Fryer System

Simplot Australia – Two Retracting Conveyors
J.L. Lennard  – Metal Detector Conveyors for:
Goodman Fielder
Chisholm Meats
Ambrosia Meats
Kimberly Clark
Dorsogna Bros.
Exports – Continuos Frying System – Fiji
– Continuos Frying System – Singapore
– Continuos Frying System – China